CPM Scheduling

At DramBok Group, we believe there is a big difference between creating a schedule and planning. A schedule is a document that is prepared to meet a contract requirement. Our plans are a tool to manage the project from concept to completion.

DramBok Group works with the entire project team to create a plan that includes all phases of the work from concept to design and from pre-construction to close-out. Our pull planning sessions ensure buy-in from all the parties that the many handoffs are accurate, and the project milestones are achievable.

We know that the plan is only good until the first update. We continuously monitor the plan and work with your project teams to ensure that actual field work and the schedule remain in sync.

Owner Representation

Our culture at DramBok Group is collaboration and teamwork.  We believe in rolling up our sleeves and digging into a project.  Owners who retain DramBok Group get the benefit of hiring a firm that has actually built the schedules being managed.  Our team will work with the contracting team to produce the best schedule possible. We often find ourselves sitting side-by-side with the contracting team jointly understanding, developing and working towards an on-time project.

Baseline Scheduling

DramBok Group develops the preliminary baseline schedule and verifies that it captures all aspects of the scope of work.

This includes mapping out major design, pre-construction, construction, and commissioning milestones and conducting “pull planning” sessions to develop summary logic around each of them. As the schedule is further developed and subcontractors are retained, we continue working with your construction teams to ensure that actual field plans and the project master schedule always remain in sync.

Monitoring and Updates

Accurately updating the schedule with real-time progress data is an essential step in enabling active monitoring and automated analysis.

There are many factors in updating a schedule, from basic tasks like inputting completion percentages to more complex considerations, such as the schedule logic’s alignment with the actual sequence of construction in the field. DramBok Group ensures all teams understand and regularly communicate accurate progress data, giving us the ability to identify and mitigate issues before they can impact resources or schedule.


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